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The incredible bequest of Glen Burnie to RDA NSW, in 2013 coupled with Brian McNamara’s intention for Ballina and Districts Branch to use it as our centre, has brought a huge responsibility. Our committee’s immediate focus was to develop the infrastructure to a point that it could support our riders and sustain our herd, with as little disruption to classes as possible. This focus has seen us build fences, dressing rooms, toilets, the round yard, arena, arena roof, add water tanks, irrigation, horse shelters, a car park, a driveway, plant over 200 trees, install stables, and water troughs! Another outcome of these amazing achievements, has led us to a process of Strategic Planning which we are still working on.

After many workshops, meetings, discussions, online & face to face surveys, and other thought provoking activities, a number of exciting ideas have surfaced. These support and enhance a strong connection with our purpose, that we are here to provide lessons and equine experiences to disabled riders. However, the management of this large acreage and sense of responsibility to our greater community, requires enormous focus and capital with short and long term planning being crucial to the sustainability and success of the McNamara Centre.

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Our Schemes:

The Garden Dreamer

The garden dreamer wants a rainforest. Our larger ‘back’ paddocks have typical Northern Rivers flora challenges. Too many camphors, privet and lantana. We are looking forward to regenerating approx. 10 hectares of our gullies to rainforest species. This project requires the efforts of a team of gardeners over a 2-4 year period as well as a huge amount of plants.  This project will provide an environment which will support over 23 threatened local flora species.

The Animal Dreamer

The animal loving dreamer wants to save threatened species by creating a native animal corridor. A fabulous plan is being created in conjunction with our neighbours to connect Maguire’s and Houghlahans Creeks providing a native species corridor and supporting over 28 threatened species, including koalas, eagles, falcons and frogs! This project ties in with and has the same requirements as the garden dreamer above.

The Community Dreamer

The community minded dreamer wants to support our young locals to be responsible and positive about their lives. We encourage local youth to volunteer and provide them with life skills, horsemanship experience, social skills, community responsibility and aim to develop this aspect of our centre. We currently have a coach in training, focusing on this as a specific program hoping to work with local schools in the near future. This dream requires approx. $40,000 pa.

The Horse Dreamer

The horseriding dreamer wants to help guide disabled riders through a sensory world previously unattainable. The planned regeneration project of the garden and animal loving dreamers would include accessible trails for riding opportunities throughout the 117 acre property! If you’d like to help with this, please let us know.